Eight Stanzas to Maha Lakshmi

The following lyrics are the "Eight Stanzas to Maha Lakshmi," which will be part of the Lakshmi Puja ritual on Friday evening (August 4). Each stanza ends with "Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe."
Maha Lakshmi Ashtakam
(exhibited here with permission from Black Lotus)

  1. Namastheasthu Maha-maaye Shri-peete Sura-poojite Shankha Chakra Ghadha-hasthe -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    Salutations O Great Maya, Who dwells in the Shri Chakra, adored by the Gods. You hold the Conch-shell, the Discus, and the Mace. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all devotion.

  2. Namasthe Garudaarudhe -- Kolaasura Bhayankari Sarva Paapa Hare Devi -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    Salutations to Lakshmi riding the Eagle Garuda. You who destroyed the demon Kola, who removes all sins of mind, body, and soul. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all obedience.

  3. Sarvajane Sarva-varade Sarva-dhushta Bhayankari Sarva Dhukka Hare' Devi -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    You are supreme knowledge, fulfiller of all desires; and the destroyer of all wickedness. You remove all our sorrows. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all devotion.

  4. Siddhi Buddhi-pradhe Devi -- Bukhti Mukti Pradhaayini Mantra Moorte Sadhaa Devi -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    Goddess, You provide both Achievement and Intellect. You give liberation or moksha. You are the embodiment of all mantras. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all devotion.

  5. Aadhyantha-rahite Devi -- Aadhya Shakti Maheshwari Yogaje Yoga-sambhoote -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    Without beginning or ending, You are the primordial Energy of cosmic creation. You are the divine fire born of all Yogas, and dawn in the minds of the Yogis. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all devotion.

  6. Sthoola Sookshma Mahaa-raudre -- Maha Shakti Mahodare Mahaa Paapa Hare Devi -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    You are both the Gross and Subtle manifestation of Rudra, the deadly force of the Creation. You are the Great Energy of the Cosmos, and You eliminate all the greatest pitfalls of progress. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all devotion.

  7. Padma-asana Sthithe Devi Para-Brahma Svaroopini Parame shi Jagan-maataah: -- Maha Lakshmi Namostuthe

    Seated in the yogic Lotus posture, You take the form of Supreme Brahman, devoid of all attributes. You are the Supreme Wealth of the cosmos, and Mother of all creation. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with all devotion.

  8. Shveta-ambara-dhare Devi Naanaa-lankaara Bhooshite Jagad-sthithe Jagan-maataah -- Maha Lakshmi Namosthudhe

    Goddess worshipped in white clothes, symbolizing Sattva qualities; You are adorned with many necklaces and all ornamentations. You are the Cosmic genesis of all time and space, and the Mother of all creation. I worship Sri Maha Lakshmi with devotion.

For those of you who read Hinduism Today, there is a Ganesha Puja in the April/May/June 2006 issue. There will be some similarities and differences. Black Lotus, who will be directing the ritual, said, "Bear in mind that HT [Hinduism Today] is run by Shaivas (Shiva worshippers). There are subtle differences between the sort of Pujas Shiva worshippers do, and that Shaktas (Goddess worshippers, like me) do -- even if they are worshipping the same deity."

Puja is frequently accompanied by bell ringing, particularly at the end. However, Lakshmi doesn't like bells, so we'll be blowing a conch shell in her honor. The spiral conch shell is sacred to her, as she rose wet from the primordial ocean.

Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Hindu pantheon. When with her husband, Lakshmi lets him take all the honors. So at this Puja, which focuses on Lakshmi, we will invoke Lakshmi and Ganesha, the god who is the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is Lakshmi's friend and he allows her to take precedence. We will also invoke Lakshmi's sister, Saraswati, the goddess of creativity and the arts. Lakshmi and Saraswati are rivals, and Lakshmi will stay wherever her sister is, to make sure that she isn't missing any attention.

Eight people will asked to read a short invocation to each of the eight forms of Lakshmi to be invoked during the puja.

For more information about the puja, please write directly to Black Lotus.

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